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A striking production, vividly captures what Henry James called ‘the hard compulsion’ of this terrifying provides an evening of shocking intensity. The action rests on the accelerating disintegration of the marriage of Rita and Alfred Allmers...a tornado of mutual recrimination...they achieve an uneasy resolution. Lydia Leonard brilliantly charts the character’s’s a performance that suggests Leonard, after her sparky Anne Boleyn in Wolf Hall, is now up for the big tragic roles. Jolyon Coy as Alfred skilfully shows us a man of dormant passion gradually coming to terms with his own life-lies and the reality of his love for his half-sister.
Saturday 5 December 
Matinee at 1.30pm 
at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden 
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Palace Theatre: 9.30am; Chalkwell Schools: 9.35; 
Elms: 9.40;Thames Drive 9.45 Hadleigh 9.50; Gt Tarpots 9.55; Five Bells: 10.00
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The review includes photos of the production 
This is a wonderful mixed bill of Ashton ballets, including his delightful Two Pigeons featuring Jacques Dupont’s glorious set with its window to the city and sky of Paris beautifully lit by Peter Teigen. 
Yet before this colourful drama we see the limpid simplicity of Monotones I and II to music by Satie, later orchestrated by Debussy and others...a sense of worldly perfection...heavenly splendour...pure geometry in motion.  
The Two Pigeons is Ashton’s reworking of the original Les Deux Pigeons to music by Messager...The pigeons behaved immaculately, the ensemble dancing was hugely vivacious and the principals expressed their roles with wit and passion. (Mark Ronan - no star rating used)
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How to behave - the Theatre Etiquette reports continue  
  If you have read the reports on Theatre Etiquette on the WhatsOnStage website (see links below), you will have had your eyes opened to the excesses of what happens when the lights go down. We all have tales to tell I'm sure. I remember someone in a Broadway theatre phoning for a cab a few minutes BEFORE the end of a show, so they didn't have to join the throng hailing cabs outside afterwards. And then there were the young women joining in the songs, and even the dialogue, at Dirty Dancing because, hey, it's a fun night out, innit? They even explained the plot to us as it went along from the seats behind. Those fans were threatened with expulsion from the theatre if they didn't quieten down. The usher knew his job and responded appropriately. 
  And there's always those sitting just behind rustling things on their lap, or zipping bags, not realising that the noise is nearer to the ears in front than their own. A look, and a finger in front of lips, usually works. But generally most audience members do know how to behave, even though the offending minority are maybe getting worse. 
  I did not intend to add my own views here, but then I read An Usher's Viewpoint (below) and decided someone has to stand up for the accused. She thinks that only 20% of audiences know their manners and school parties are the worst. I guess that it depends on the show, but in my experience most school parties do know how to behave, especially at a play which perhaps they are studying at school or college. Maybe they chat loudly before curtain-up, but then they respond with enthusiasm, especially if it's a play new to them. I remember seeing Sheridan Smith in Hedda Gabler, and a silently engrossed school party responded with a shout and mass intake of breath at the shocking climax. Ah, the joy of seeing classic plays for the first time and being able to show enthusiasm. Of course a good teacher will prepare the class for visiting a theatre, but not all teachers are good ones and the same applies to ushers. 
   It seems Madame Usher (No.7 below) is having a bad time in the theatre, is disillusioned with her job, is over-stressed and underpaid. And is not supported by the management. One teacher, arriving late with a school party and presumably stressed herself, called the usher "a stuck up cow", surely an unnecessary over-statement but, from the tone of her article and the long list of complaints about so many aspects of theatre, perhaps it's time she left theatreland. "Some schools are brilliant. Most are awful." she says. Well, some ushers are brilliant, and some are...less brilliant, but most are helpful, and only a small percentage seem to resent the audience being there as Madame Usher seems to. Time for her to leave the auditorium? 
Mike   30/11/15 
Fredo adds - When we saw A Doll's House with Janet McTeer, I was sitting next to the teacher of a school party, and they were so attentive that I commented to her at the interval. And when the play ended, I heard one say, "Can we read that in class, miss?"
This week is Theatre Etiquette Week, according to WhatsOnStage, time to think of all the things we hate about the bad behaviour of a minority of audience members. We all hate mobile phones drawing attention to their owners, distracting others, and dread the culprit may be ourselves. We hate those rustling sweet wrappers and the coughers who really should have stayed at home. But worse things can happen - projectile vomiting, a rotisserie chicken being eaten in the dark, couples being more interested in each other than what's on stage. And some people dislike those standing ovations at a play's end. But what happens in the West End pales by comparison with both the excesses and the norms elsewhere. Below are links to some of the various reports on Theatre Etiquette that the website has published this week. It makes fascinating reading. 
Mike   24/11/15 
An announcement from the Royal Court - 
"On the advice of her doctors Kim Cattrall has had to withdraw from the Royal Court Theatre’s production of Linda. Cattrall was due to take the title role in Linda, by Penelope Skinner. The role has been recast and Olivier Award winner Noma Dumezweni has stepped in, joining rehearsals less than a week before the first performance." 
Commenting on her withdrawal Cattrall stated - 
“With great sadness and at the advice of my doctors, I will not be able to continue with the Royal Court’s production of Linda. I appreciate all the support I have received from the theatre and cannot thank them enough for allowing me to put my health first.”
Royal Court Theatre Artistic Director Vicky Featherstone said - 
“We are all deeply sorry that Kim is unable to continue with the production and she has our warmest wishes. We are extremely grateful and also thrilled that Noma Dumezweni, one of our most brilliant actors, has agreed to take on this challenge at such short notice. We are delighted that in spite of these difficulties Penelope Skinner’s important play can open to our audiences with minimal disruption.” 
The Royal Court Theatre has confirmed that they are unable to exchange tickets or refund any payments. This is in accordance with the sales regulations of all theatres. However, we fully expect the exciting production of this new play will still be of great interest to everyone who has booked. 
Mike   24/11/15 
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The Theatre Awards season is back with us, and first up come the London Evening Standard awards which will be presented at the Old Vic on Sunday 22 November. The nominations have been announced and many of our favourites are on the list. You voted for the Best Musical (or did you?) which was open to the general public to put forward whichever musical they thought was best. We took you to see all these nominees over the past year - Assassins, Beautiful, Bend It Like Beckham, Gypsy and Kinky Boots. You know many of the other titles nominated  - Temple, City of Angels, The Father, Man and Superman - and the names too - Ralph Fiennes, Nicole Kidman, Simon Russel Beale, Kenneth Cranham, Jamie Lloyd, Imelda Staunton, Katie Brayben, etc. So who will win? We look forward to them having to announce The Mother F**ker With The Hat but hope at least one award will go to Hangmen (it's up for Best Play and Best Design) and we are taking you to see that next month. You can see the full list of nominations HERE
Mike   04/11/15 
And the Award goes to... 
...Nicole Kidman for Best Actress in Michael Grandage's production of Photograph 51. A popular choice, I'm sure. Unfortunately we were not able to get tickets for The Ruling Class at the Trafalgar Studios so missed seeing James McAvoy who has just won the Best Actor award. There's no suprise that Imelda Staunton won the award for Best Musical Performance in Gypsy. For those who missed it at the Savoy, it will be on your television screen at Christmas - it was recorded over four nights in the theatre. Gemma Arterton picked up an award for her appearance in Made in Dagenham, but was Newcomer In A Musical the award appropriate for her? Kinky Boots won the Best Musical Award, and one of the presenters, as predicted, did have to stand on stage to announce that the Best New Play Award went to The Motherf**ker With The Hat - did they cough demurely where the asterisks appear? You can read the WOS report and see the full list of winners HERE
Mike 23/11/15 
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