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This is a not-for-profit UK theatre-going group for our friends and colleagues and their own extended group of friends. It costs nothing to join us but must be by personal introduction from another member of the group. We provide tickets at group discounts (and coach transport from Southend, if required) for London theatres. We do not sell tickets to the public. 
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Thursday 28 May at the SavoyTheatre 
(2 hrs 50 mins) 
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Libby Purves 
Is three standing ovations even enough? And is there any actress more heroically accomplished, more vividly alive, more formidable in song , speech and silence, more superhuman yet more likeable than Imelda Staunton? The joy of Gypsy is that, set in the dying throes of vaudeville, it can twist in a moment from some gorgeously entertaining absurdity or repartee to a bleakness of poverty, delusion and betrayal. All the cast give the serious emotion full weight...IT DON’T GET BETTER THAN THIS.
Monday 1 June at the Old VicTheatre 
(2 hrs 45 mins) 
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/ Review Round-up 
"What a treat this show is... this staging achieves the arguably rare feat of surpassing its filmic predecessor" 
"I can't imagine this Cole Porter musical, based on the 1956 movie and Philip Barry's The Philadelphia Story, being much better done than it is here" 
"Summer has arrived. Cast doubts aside. All hail an uncomplicated, super show." 
"Style and finesse don't figure on the agenda, from the minute the show shuffles haphazardly into gear."
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Additional casting information - We like going to the Young Vic and are looking forward to seeing Rory Kinnear in the new adaptation of Kafka's The Trial. But if that was not temptation enough we now have news of additional casting. Joining Mr Kinnear will be Sian Thomas who you have seen many times on stage (Passion Play) and tv; Kate O'Flynn (from the NT's A Taste of Honey); and Hugh Skinner (who plays the endearingly vague intern in one of our favourite tv programmes, that inside look at the BBC that is W1A).  
We still have a few tickets available for 27 July. 
Mike   13/05/15
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Josie Rourke, Artistic Director of the Donmar, is nothing if not ambitious, and her latest project with writer James Graham almost caused Casting Director Alastair Coomer to resign, he said with a smile. The tall order was to cast a play with up to 60 actors for a very limited run leading up to the General Election - Josie and James had come up with this bright idea following their great success with Privacy last year. The play, called The Vote, is set in a polling station during the last 90 minutes on the night of the election, will run for 13 performances, until 6 May, and will have its final showing in real time on 7 May when it will be broadcast live on More4 at 8.25pm, for viewers at home. As Josie and James pointed out, it is set in the future until the very last performance.
In conversation with the Trainee Artistic Director Cathal Cleary, Alastair revealed that.....Continued HERE 
 The Booking Fees minefield 
If you try to book tickets on line today, you're sure of a big surprise. You will find first that seats usually cost considerably more than we charge you. Group discounts can lower the cost of theatre-going considerably, but for the booker wanting a pair of good seats, the price can rocket - there will most likely be additional charges such as Booking Fees, Admin Fees, and a Restoration Levy. That levy (usually £1.00 - £1.50) is to help keep the roof on a theatre, but other fees go to the commercial ticketing agency - it's the price you pay for the job they do.  
  Such agencies usually have no direct connection with the show or theatre you are booking for, but they may have their own allocation of tickets. They go by deceptive names like LoveTheatre, TheatreTicketsDirect, BoxOffice, or Ticketmaster. Some do offer discounts but they may also charge large fees - read the small print carefully and know what actual seats you are purchasing. A friend recently tried to book for the Branagh Theatre Season at a commercial agency and found he was being charged an extra £10 per ticket! Some agencies charge less but others charge more. Particularly beware of agencies like Viagogo who charge huge sums for reselling unwanted tickets for sold out shows. Tickets bought from them could cost you hundreds of pounds. 
  But there is a way around the booking fee maze. Here is a tip that could save you pounds......Continued HERE 
Ticket Price Watch updated 21/04/15: 
 Many of you will have seen the announcement last Friday that Kenneth Branagh is launching a year long season of plays at the Garrick Theatre this coming October. It is all very tempting - The Winter's Tale with Judi Dench; Terrence Ratigan's Harlequinade; Rob Brydon with Branagh in The Painkiller; Richard Madden and Lily James from Branagh's film of Cinderella in Romeo and Juliet; and John Osborne's The Entertainer starring Branagh himself. You will want to see at least some of these plays and we would love to take you. But.... 
Continued HERE
AND THE WINNER IS...Congratulations to all the winners of the 2015 Olvier Awards. Seldom have so many winners been the ones we were rooting for, so many shows that we have taken the Group to see, so many of them that have delighted so many of us. Our especial cheers go to Mark Strong (Best Actor); Penelope Wilton (Best Actress); Katie Brayben (Best Actress in a Musical); Ivo Van Hove (Best Director for A View From the Bridge); John Dalgleish and George Maguire (Best Actor and Supporting Actor in a Musical - Sunny Afternoon); King Charles III (Best New Play), the Donmar's City of Angels (Best Musical Revival) but like those Thank You speeches, my list can't go on forever. Angela Lansbury won Best Supporting Actress, of course, and we knew in advance that Kevin Spacey was being given a Lifetime Achievement Award...but we didn't know he would sing for us too! It was a rewarding evening for them, but for us as well - so many reasons to be pleased. You can see a full list of winners HERE
As usual The Public diluted the quality of winners by deciding their favourite show should again be W*****, but when did a public vote ever result in a good choice? Beware the 7 May! 
Now read Libby who was there...HERE
Mike   13/04/15
Penelop[e Wilton, Mark Strong and Angela Lansbury show off their Olivier statuettes.
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